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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
So you're saying that Couture's success is IN SPITE of his diet rather than BECAUSE of it?
no, i said 'some people', not 'randy couture'. learning to read will help.

How do you explain the fact that Couture's performance and body composition improved by leaps and bounds in direct correlation to his adopting the above-stated diet?
could be any number of things.

What other athletes do you know who perform at his level at the age of 46, and what are their eating habits?
'at his level'? how would one measure this? if you mean losing to a fighter with what, like 8 fights under his belt, then i dont know. old man is old.

Fedor drinks milk and hell kick the shit out of couture anyday of the week. Brock lesnar is a big midwest grainfed boy who IIRC grew up on a dairy farm, and did kick the shit out of couture in like 3 minutes, and ill bet a fucking dollar he drinks milk. maybe couture should fire his nutritionist.

not that either of these two facts means fuckall, but once again we see your argument not holding a single drop of water.

Would you say that a person of Couture's profile (the face of a multi-billion dollar worldwide sport) would not have access to almost all the dietary information, studies, and programs out there, as well as access to top nutritionists? If he would, then why, with his livelihood on the line, would he choose the diet he has?
take arnold schwarzeneggar, ronnie coleman or jay cutler for example. 3 of the winningest BBers to ever live. all of them train(ed) like complete retards. no average person could train the way they do/did and make optimal, or even decent progress. they also do/did goofy shit wrt their diet that is completely meaningless and the ideas behind it proven to be bunk. then how did they succeed? they have/had access to the top nutritionist, trainers, contest prep gurus, etc. the answer is genetics and drugs. period. they excelled despite their methods, not because of them. same principal applies in every sport.

ON EDIT: Funny that you call me a "knuckle-dragging retard", yet I would stake my life on the fact that I'm more educated and more successful than you in every possible way. You worship John Stamos for fuck's sake. You're as big a loser as they come.
its obvious how well educated you are, judging by your ample use of the word 'egghead', and 4th grade logic and reading comprehension skills. i dont know how successful you think being the night manager at ihop is, but its not very.

and like i told you before. i am john stamos. i dont worship myself. i others to do that for me.