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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
Here's a little tidbit for all the naysayers. It's a write-up by Randy "The Natural" Couture, 46-year-old MMA legend. I just found this 20 minutes ago so it's not like I was copying what he said, but it exactly mirrors what I said.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy whose health and performance is his livelihood. He's not just some egghead in a lab running test after pointless test and making up bullshit to keep the grant money rolling in.

I know the med-sci community better than you think. I know that the vast majority of studies are bullshit, with bullshit data, drummed up to keep grant money coming in. I know first hand, and the only ones who deny it are the shills still sucking on that grant teet like UncleJesse.

Now I'm not saying that all studies are bullshit. There's plenty of actual good stuff out there, but there's also an overwhelming amount of pure garbage. I'm not saying we should throw everything out. I'm just saying that everything, including so-called "scientific studies", need to be taken with a grain of salt. You can't say something is, beyond a doubt, true just because some study found it to be so.

In any event, here's what Randy Couture has to say about his own nutrition. Make up your own mind, would you rather follow someone of Randy's physique and performance, whose livelihood depends on top physical performance and health, or a bunch of out-of-shape eggheads making up bullshit studies to keep their paychecks rolling in. I know which one I choose.
you dont get it dude. some people excel despite factors like their diet and training, not because of it. If Randy Coture has convinced himself that eating X or not eating Y has in someway contributed to his success, thats great, but i highly doubt thats the case. Im sure theres a list a mile long of top athletes that dont eat X or do eat Y that are just as successful in their respective sport.

im also highly amused at every instance of you blowing by and ignoring every instance of me calling you and how big of a fucking mouth breathing knuckle dragging retard you are on how moronic your arguments are. oh wells lets just move on to some other completely irrelevant topic.

i bet you felt so god damn awesome when you found that article. "durr da durrr, OOh Randy Coture doesnt drink milk, thats a fucking argument and a half right there. this discussions ova, son. The Natural doesnt drink milk, its case closed on that shit"


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