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Originally Posted by 8INTO3=M View Post
Lucid, have you gotten them on the car yet? Which size did you settle on?
I just got the tires from tirerack. I decided to go with BFG R1s: 285/30 R; 265/35 F. My rationale for the tire choice:

1. The alternative was to go with 275/35 F; 295/30 R Hossier R6s (they don't come in 265s). I decided that's a bit too much given the rims are 9.5"/10.5".
2. BFGs are about $60 cheaper per tire.
3. BFGs seem to be getting better reviews.

I'll have them mounted on the rims soon, but the season starts mid-March around here at the earliest unfortunately...

The rears should weight 42lbs and the fronts 44lbs each with the tires!