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I agree with you. The base system is really not that bad, and I do also think that the louder you play it the better it sounds (up to a point). As a comparison point the base system on my M is much much better than the Bose "premium system" piece of crap that was on my S4.

I would have spent the extra $1900 for the upgrade if it would have been available as an individual option, but unfortunately you cannot get the upgraded system unless it is part of another package.

Originally Posted by niqui View Post
i bought my car off the lot, so didnt really have a choice...its not bad at all. personally it sounds better louder and obviously depends on the audio source. if your an audiophile i am sure you can go aftermarket.
but it really depends on what you are used to listening to, your other car systems.
and also the kind of music, i cant wait till summer, so i can roll the window down and just listen to the m.
anyways, for just under 100k canadian loaded i think the car should have a superior system