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Have mercy!

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i know i should just fucking give up. i could have a more logical discussion with a baked potato. but i cant.

Stupid. Just flip it around and see how idiotic your question is. Why can a calf drink its mother's milk but can't eat cow meat?
...while you proceed to not logically flip my question, but come up with completely different, completely irrelevant new question. im not even sure what youre trying to accomplish here. i asked you why we can eat cows but not drink cow milk. you then asked why can cows drink cow milk but not eat cows. gee, fuck, i dont know. maybe because they havent managed to master the art of tool making or fire. also the fact that they are not carnivores.

Cow milk disagrees with people.
with people? with some people. but you originally said it was the majority of people, ie >50% of the general population. this was based on what?

yes, milk disagrees with a small percentage of the general population. as for the majority, they have no dairy related issues. whats the take home message from that? if you have dairy issues, dont fucking eat/drink it.

Many top athletes avoid it altogether.
and? many top athletes are black. many top athletes are millionaires. many top athletes blow coke. many athletes are on steroids. and so on, to more irrelevant statements.

Goat milk is a little closer to human milk and is a little easier to handle for people.
you can see how stupid this statement is by just flipping it around. humans can eat goats, but why cant goats birth sheep? see? my logic is impetuous. my facts are impregnable. I want your heart. I want to your children. Praise be to Allah.

As for the second part of your question, WTF does eating eggs have to do with milk? They're completely different. One's meat, the other's milk.
1. no, eggs are not meat.
2. the example was meant the illustate the ridiculousness of the statement 'humans are not meant to drink milk'. well, why not?

the answer is generally something along the lines of 'cows milk is for baby cows, not for humans.' ok, so cows milks primary function is to help baby cows develop. sounds reasonable enough. well, the primary function of cows muscles are to aid the cow in movement. so again, just because something primary function isnt to feed humans, why is it that humans cant/shouldnt/are meant to eat/drink it?

which is where the egg example came in. the primary function of a chickens egg is to birth a baby chicken. they are not 'meant' for humans to eat. so why is it ok for us to eat them, and not milk?

Well, seeing as how you answered every question yourself, YTF are you even asking me? First off, milk in the gay community is quite tolerated, so obviously you wouldn't know anyone who can't handle it. You probably walk around with a "milk" moustache the entire day.

However... in straight communities, many people have sensitivities to milk. A good portion of those are lactose intolerance. The vast majority, however, is due to pasteurization and its effect on the milk. Killing the bacteria present in milk doesn't REMOVE the bacteria, it only kills it. As such, the bacteria is still in there, only inactive. Imagine drinking cupfuls of dead bacteria and you can see why the body has an adverse reaction that results in increased mucus (the body's natural defense to clean out bacteria) and overall malaise. Add to that the doctored chemical shit cattle is fed that's processed right through into their milk.

Are you seriously arguing that milk is good for you? You do know we're talking about DAIRY milk here, and not the "milk" you're used to ingesting, right? If so, I suggest you visit a dairy farm sometime and see where your milk comes from and how it's handled.
there are about 500-1000 species of bacteria in your body, and there are at least 10 times as many bacteria cells as human cells in your body right now. i think you can handle a few from milk (if your tirade about pasteurization is even true, which is doubt. honestly i have no idea, nor do i care. milk is fucking win).

oh, and since i tend back up my claims, here are the references for the figures relating to bacteria in the human body. its pretty sciencey, so its assuredly funded by some evil corporation, and you can therefore discount it, because just pulling numbers and ideas out of thin air is much more reliable.