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Have mercy!

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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post

What's up your ass (other than you lovers cock)?
wow, youre clever.

Do you have to be a prick to everyone? I can see you acting a dick towards me since I bring just as much in return, but the way you snapped at Ferrari just because he said something that doesn't fit in with your intellectual fascism just shows what an intolerant, elitist buffoon you are.
i asked him to post evidence to substantiate his claim. i hardly see how that is a dick move.

Seriously, get off your high horse. No one here at a CAR FORUM is going to take the time out of their day to look up studies on milk or carbs or any other shit just so we can appease you. Get over yourself, buddy.
it doesnt matter what type of forum we are posting on, unsubstantiated claims are meaningless, help no one, and provide no relevant information. if there is such an abundance of information out there showing that healthy individuals with no legitimate milk issues should avoid milk, then it shouldnt be too hard of a task to find some and post it here. it would take a minute or two, tops.

And BTW, still waiting on those questions. You're not gonna bitch out and not answer them after I answered yours, are you? That would be quite cowardly.
nope, still waiting. ill post them again for the fifth time. although, like every direct question that you have quasi-addressed but mostly just sloppily danced around while flinging completely off the wall, random insults, your answer, if you give one, will be utterly useless.

1. why is it that can humans eat a cow's muscles that developed with the help of cow's millk, but not the milk itself? why were humans not 'meant' to drink cows milk? were we 'meant' to eat chicken eggs, or were those 'meant' to develop into baby chickens?

2. you made the claim that 'the majority of people' have milk allergies or cannot tolerate milk. what is this based on? first hand experience? youve talked to the majority of the world's population? no? how about a representational population? no? then where is the data to substantiate this? or did you just pull this out of your ass? i posted data to the contrary to back up my claim that anti-milk nutters are fucking retarded. and since anecdotal evidence is the only thing that holds any weight for you, i cannot personally think of 1 person I know or know of that cannot tolerate milk. not 1.