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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
wow cmon guys quit it out everyone get along....everyone(markoni and bobby) just do whatever works for you and stop trying to argue. Itll never end..

However markoni veggies and fruits are carb based bro, however the sugar in fruits is ok because its natural sugars, flucose...

Anyways great news guys i have officially broken my 228 barrier which is where i was last time around....

Ate some sushi yesterday and it felt amazing omg hadnt touched it since this diet... However its ok...

Also guys one thing i really recommend which is so true is take the diet slow and steady...for those looking to lose 30 pounds or more....

Yesterday i played some one on one ball with the guys and let me tell you it was a great cardio workout...+30 mins of cardio at the gym

Guys feelings the best ive ever felt for a long time, im about 20 pounds down from nov and i swear i have more energy to do things, more motivated, more concentrated and feeling a lot more positive about things...its just a great feeling...also less lazY

I still have about 26 pounds to go til i reach my goal....

and now that im sure that one day my scale was acting up, the diet i posted really does work with cardio and feel free to use it...


keep it up man - ignore all this bantering right now and just stick to your guns . . . you will get there. Just be PATIENT
PS: Sushi is great! Salmon and Tuna are obviously great for you . . . nothing wrong with a little rice . . . most places allow you to opt for the brown rice as well . . . which, isn't as good with sushi, but its better for ya. .

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