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Any chance of some pics of that stud mounting kit on the car and how it makes things easier? I'm finding it hard to visualise but it sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.


Thanks for that vid and sorry I didn't respond sooner.

It basically confirms that I have been doing everything right at least. I am interested in the "on car" version, however, as as lot of the steps are far easier when the rotor is off the car. You don't have to worry about the brake lines, the orientation of the caliper is not to the top, and I have found tapping in the pins from the back is fiddly due to wheel arch intrusion.

I believe the point is proved that the stoptech calipers have easier pad changes, although with the stud kit I think I can get these brembos down to acceptable levels.

I would love to see the stud kit in action. Any downsides?

Incidentally Gary, what track pads do you recommend for the M3? When I got my kit (8 months ago) there wasn't much choice and I got porterfield race pads which I wasn't too impressed with.

Also, when ordering pads, what is the caliper code/size for the brembos for the M3?

Appreciate any help.