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Originally Posted by Cyber View Post
If it did so damn well why is it missing the tail light @ 2:35? Hmmmm.....

This car is not original in any way. They're just copying other designers with a twist. Shame on them for never comming out with anything original. Then again, aren't most of their electronics lower-end Japanese copies that are just better made than the Chinese?

MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN ORIGINIAL CAR! If you're going to copy, be like the Chinese. At least they have no shame in what they do which I respect:

Hmm, maybe I'm not following your logic, but what does a missing tail light (often taken out for camera mounting on cars) have to do with how well a car did?

From a design standpoint, hyundai does use styling cues from other manufacturers. Then again, all manufacturers are guilty of this...some more blatant than others. I must ask, though. from a chassis standpoint, how many turbocharged RWD cars are there in that pricepoint?

Oh, and nice ignorant generalization. It's funny how a korean company is one of the leading high-end LCD well THE largest producer of memory chips and the largest overseas manufacturer of semiconductors.

try getting beyond your blind ignorance and acknowledge that this car may have potential...especially in its respective pricepoint.