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Have mercy!

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Originally Posted by cars4lyfe View Post
unclejesse, people, and by that I mean fat obese lazy people, need to learn about working out and proper nutrition. People are programmed to eat 2-3 times a day eating 1500 calories+ per meal and sitting on their asses all day on the computer eating doritos and watching porn. Not to mention smoking weed and eating more doritos and mac and cheese and drinking 6 pack beers and shit no wonder people are humongous lol.
I agree!

But you said that fasting for the night causes your metabolism to 'shut down', or in other words, its function reduces to 0%. This doesnt seem accurate, as Ive seen it mentioned that even prolonged periods of dieting lower metabolic activity to around 75% of normal. I was wondering if you could expound on your previous statement.

You also recommend 5-6 meals per day. What is the reason for this?