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Originally Posted by mrtm2008 View Post
Also, I would believe BMW would do the 1200 mile service no matter what country you are's covered under warranty!
Thanks for the help. Can anyone confirm this? I thought they would only do the service if you were in the U.S., and it was about $1,000 out-of-pocket to get it done over there. I'd love to get the service done over there, so I could really open the car up on its home turf. I'd actually change my trip up so I could circle back to Germany and finish up on the Nurburgring. My new M3, ready to stretch its legs on the Nordschleife? Sounds good to me, although I'd probably drive like a girl both because I was in awe of where I was driving, and because I didn't want to hurt my new baby. Also, I'm not sure I could keep it under 137 on those straights.