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Originally Posted by e9tee
(I'm also considering the 05 C230 Kompressor or 06 C280 *runs and hides* )...

...for those of you who also thought about the C-class..what made you choose the E90? (new body style? price? options?)...thanks!
haha i HATED the c-class when I drove it. Are you getting a manual tranny? If so, avoid the c-class!!!!!!

here is what i said about it in another thread, lol, just so i don't need to repeat my hatred...

Originally Posted by Nikki
I always dreamed of having a C-class. Had to be RED. It seemed to be the ultimate girly luxurious snob car and I had to have it. My dreams came crashing down when I finally drove one last year. I drove the C230 sport sedan and it was absolute CRAP-----CRAP CRAP CRAP...I'm sorry if anyone here had/has one, but I hated it. It has a lovely interior, exterior styling is eh, could be updated, but the killer was the manual tranny, it was more like a chore to shift that clumsy thing than a thrill like the BMW manual. You just don't buy a MB with a manual, period.

If you want a boring luxurious automatic tranny car, the MB is nice. For a fun, sporty, yet luxurious car-get a BMW.