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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
At the risk of offending Audi owners, it's pretty funny to hear that comment. BMW owners start off with an exceptional base automobile, then tack on stupid parts. Audi owners start with a mediocre core design and spend fortunes making them faster than other Audis but slower than the most basic modded BMWs.
None-the-less, I love Audis. I just know better than to try to mod them. They still drive like there's a dead horse tied to the front of the car, no matter how many mods you make. The Audi clubs are full of really cool people, though, and I've had some of my most fun track days with the Audi club.
Agreed on all counts. You might have angered Footie though!

One thing I admire about these guys that they really are friendly and supportive. My buddy says people with scan tools list themselves on one of the forums, and if you have problem or want to modify a setting on your ECU but don't know how, you can just email someone on that list, and he will take the time and help you out. When I dragged him to the track last Fall, he was looking for a helmet, and he emailed that list, and in 10 minutes, located a helmet he could borrow from someone he didn't know.