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Originally Posted by tma1c View Post
about as pointless as CF interior trim, but it looks great IMO.
Not a relevant point. The car comes with dash trim. I have to chose one or the other, and they pretty much all look fine. There is no lightweight CF dash option. If there was one, I would go/pay for it. In this case, one is going out of his way to add weight (and probably cost) to the wheel by sticking these things on there. And then there is the Vorsteiner edition Brembo calipers (or whatever they are called) with the CF strip attached. Now, that really did crack me up. I showed it to a buddy who is really into his tuned twin-turbo S4. These guys are a pretty tight community around here and talk about tuning all day. He laughed even harder than I did and said "that is exactly what's wrong with BMW folks; they don't know how to tune". (Not that I agree with his sentiment there or anything as these wheels are probably sold/bought for all sorts of cars.)