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Originally Posted by krote345 View Post
These jets have de-icing equipment that is made for these conditions. They have been flying this route for forever and this is the first incident that I can remember. Don't jump to conclusions before you have all of the facts. The United States aircraft accident record is pretty damn impressive.
Careful with the 'de-ice' and 'anti-ice' terms in aviation...

De-ice = ice is allowed to be built up then it is removed mechanically (pneumatic de-ice boots in leading edges) or electrical (heat blankets).
It either breaks off in chucks or in small pieces.

Ever wonder why there's a thick patch in the prop path on the side of the aircraft?
That's for when the electrical de-icer boots on the blades heats up, chucks of ice is gonna get slung at the aircraft and makes a loud bang or thump noise (can be heard from the inside).

Anti-ice = warm or hot bleed air pumped into leading edges of wings, rudder, horz stab....prevents ice from being built up (must be turned on before entering icing conditions)

De-ice is found on most prop to turbo-prop aircrafts.

Anti-ice is used on jets (hot bleed air)
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