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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
I installed the OEM aluminum pedals in my car yesterday. The installation was was very easy if you know how drill holes on steel (brake pedal / clutch pedal too). We took a short cut and used self tapping screws for the gas pedal. Immediately after installation, the gas pedal didn't feel right. It has a lot more resistance when I try to step on it. Turns out the self tapping screw in the bottom right corner, closest to the center console, is hitting the pedal mechanism. I removed that screw and now it works fine. I guess I have to replace the screws with the OEM screws and nuts next time I go into the shop.
You're lucky you were able to get the screw out and that it didn't cause an accident. Was the screw sticking out that much behind the pedal? Can you not use a smaller one or was this a short one that was just TOO close?