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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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I can look into it but for people wanting to see- here is the actual bulletin...

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This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B13 05 08 dated December 2008.

designates changes to this revision

Rough Idle, Rough Running, Misfiring and Loss of Power

E90, E92 and E93 M3

The customer complains that the vehicle runs rough while idling or driving; the vehicle can misfire; and a loss of power can occur. In some cases, the vehicle's Service Engine Soon lamp is illuminated and fault code 2B23 (Idle-air actuator, regulator monitoring) will be stored in the DME fault memory. In some circumstances, the vehicle's engine control may enter the emergency program and store various misfire faults.

The idle-air actuator or idle circuit has become blocked or restricted, due to an internal separation of the rubber hose located between the idle-air actuator and the intake manifold. The layers of the rubber hose will tear away and restrict the idle-air actuator or one of the idle strips located on each engine bank.

On a customer complaint basis, remove the intake manifold in accordance with RA 11 61 050, Removing and installing air intake manifold (S65), to inspect all idle circuit components.

Remove and inspect the hose (1) located between the idle-air actuator and intake manifold. Remove and inspect the idle-air actuator (2). If debris is found, remove the debris, but do not replace the idle-air actuator. Remove and inspect both idle strips. If debris is found inside the idle strips, then both idle strips must be replaced. Whenever rubber hose debris is found in the idle circuit, it will be necessary to replace the rubber hose (1) between the idle-air actuator and the intake manifold as well. The rubber hose (4) located between the idle strips should be inspected and cleaned; do not replace this item.

Part Number

13 41 7 839 097

13 41 7 838 260
Idle Strip Cylinder 1-4

13 41 7 838 261
Idle Strip Cylinder 5-8

32 11 1 135 522

13 41 7 838 511

Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Defect Code:
13 41 01 24 00

Labor Operation:
Labor Allowance:

13 41 550*
Removing and installing idle actuator

+11 99 000
Removing and installing or replacing idle strips

*Main Work - use this labor operation number when this is the only repair being performed, or if this is the main repair when performed along with other repairs at the same time. If this is not the main repair, refer to KSD for the associated (+) labor operation code.
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