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Originally Posted by express705 View Post
will anyone realize that you DO NOT FLY PROP PLANES IN COLD/ICE CONDITIONS?

does it seriously take crashes and lost lives to realize what is so easy to see?

prop planes DO NOT WORK WELL in snow/ice.

icing KILLS.
OMG what a retarded statement. This is what actually happens:

Sometimes, water in the atmosphere can become super-cooled (having a temperature below freezing point but remaining as a liquid) in the atmosphere. This happens when the gradient of cooling exceeds a certain constant (i.e. the water is being cooled too fast). When the super-cooled water droplets experience some external disturbance, for example, the striking of an aircraft's wing, it rapidly takes on a crystal structure.The real issue is when ice starts to form and accumulate on the wings as it strikes those super-cooled water droplets. This create micro turbulence on the wing surface that can reduce lift generated. Basically, ice prevents the air from "sticking" to the wing (this is analogous to the hydrodynamics of a shark's skin). So, prop or no prop, all planes can be affected by this issue. The only way to counter that is the use of a de-icing system.

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