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Originally Posted by BForbes View Post
Did you drive one??
I did drive the 370Z and posted up a review in the thread linked below. The test drive was moderately aggressive, mainly limited by the temp. vs. summer tires. Of course I didn't go completely bananas either only having a few minutes behind the wheel, but I did push it hard enough to get the impressions I wrote about.

This is the 370Z vs. 135i thread.

My review appears on page 9 and there are two followup posts as well, one about the rev-match feature and one about the interior space.

One guy posted a pic showing two good sized golf bags in the hatch, so now I am questioning myself on my initial comments about that in my review, man I just didn't see how that is possible....?

If you have any questions about my review please feel free to PM me, or post up in that thread. I say that thread because for now it's more likely I will be looking at that one, the Genesis will not be coming out for a bit from what I understand.