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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
With all honesty, im just not a bush supporter. And i know he DID not cause the flooding or hurricane. But because my mind is already filled w/ negitivity regarding the prez.. it just felt like ANOTHER situation where i had to question "what in the world is he doing??". So yeah, i prob reacted with my personal political feelings.

And last Tuesday, i did donate the tips i made at work to the Red Cross..
Totally understand... Tough times like this we have to realizethe stress people are under. Yes, we are all affected by this tragedy. I know that when you don't like anyone you'll always look to find issues. It's great if we can all discuss and be forgiving. Not PC all the time, but forgive when we disagree.

Good job with the donations. Did you tell the others at work and encourage them to do the same? Did you tell your customers? You may be able to get a lot more donated that way.

Originally Posted by BellasBmw
Any of you watching the Oprah special? Its so sad.
Seriously? We're 90% guys here... Even if we were watching Oprah, we'd never admit it in writing.
Waiting for my e93.