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Originally Posted by BadBob
Why does the average man on the street want him gone?
I don't think this is 'the average man in the streets' view, but then I am a bit of a new labour fan.

My experience is any very sucessful leader goes a bit mad after a while - the power gets to them.

Blair has always had a problem with the 'spin' accusation, because he is just to damn slick. More recently he has been seen to have 'gone against the people' or misled them specifically over the Iraq War (ref the dodgy dossier).

His detractors say he lacks humility - I personally disagree. Either way he's not going to fight another term - I think this is because he doesn't want it to end for him as it did for Margaret Thatcher. He wants to go out on a high and leave a positive legacy - that's why he is so interested in international affairs at the moment.

The problem is that his peers are engaging in a nasty bit of gamesmanship to try to get a bit of power out of the vacuum that will be left when he goes. Of course he is fighting this because he is determined to leave on his own account and not be pushed.

So I don't think the majority view is that he must go, but there are people who feel he has betrayed or misled them and the biggest area of controversy is our unflinching support of the USA, our failure to act over the Lebanon situation and the 'legality' of the invasion of Iraq.

According to a recent BBC poll the majority of Brits think we should leave Iraq and Afghanistan right now and adopt a new foreign policy. Ironically, my views on this would be described as right wing, which is why it seems odd (to me) that you guys keep calling me a liberal lefty.