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Originally Posted by Petercat
Wow, I can't believe the Racism and Ignorance in some of these posts. I really respect this group of people over at e90post and appreciate sharing ideas, even in this screwed up way.

I am truly shocked by scottz5's last post though. scottz5 seems like one of the biggest supporters of respect on these boards then comes across with a racist statement larger than that of Kanye's. I understand this is a passionate topic and will overlook these things said. We are all angry about this tragedy.

How about Kanye hates white people? Sounds just as messed up, but a lot more likely.

Here are my points to make, do with them as you wish;

Local Government was responsible to help those who can not afford transport. They must first take care of their own.(wtf?) The president is not responsible for lining up buses to take people out of the city.

Local Government failed in their planning. Sending people to the superdome without any resources(wtf?)

There are more white people in New Orleans than Black people. The media is showing downtown New Orleans (higher black concentration). There are more people outside the city limits and stretching the entire gulf coast who have been hit harder than NO. (Outlying areas may show a greater concentration of whites).

There are other levels of government ahead of George Bush who may have failed to react as quick as we'd like (local, state, homeland security, fema).

I don't think we all understand the timeline of events. After the hurricane hit, there was a lapse before the flooding... The hurricane wasn't the issue in NO, it was the flooding. The timer shouldn't start when the storm hit, but the moment the flooding emergency was known.

George Bush was thankfully in Texas. He was able to get to the scene much faster. Do you all recall he did the fly over in AF1 within 24 hours of the flooding.

I think the president reacted as best he could, I think I'm only disappointed with (and this is the real issue) that he did not come on TV the first day to address the countries immediate needs.


More whites than blacks have been impacted by this tragedy.

The director of FEMA will be the scape goat, he seems completely unqualified for the job and really screwed up.

The Mayor of NO will not take any blame as a function of our PC culture.

George Bush will not get re-elected.

scottz5 will cave and get ASA AR-1's for his 330i.

I am donating $100 to the red-cross and employer will match 100% for a $200 donation. I too encourage you to do the same.

Let's help these people and avoid partisan politics (btw I am not a republican). It's tough for me to watch people take advantage of a tragedy to support their cause.
Well said!

Especially this... How long before Scott caves and goes for rims? Hmm, next spring the latest???
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