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Proud new

New addition to the family. Uncomplicated delivery. Baby is on the darker side, with a jet black complexion, and is a bit of a porker at 3730 lbs, but dad is pretty excited, nonetheless.

In anticipation of her birth, dad started to order presents, including new shoes, something to help her breathe better with cold air, and a device to help her pass gas easier. He even bought something to support her front lip, all the while hoping not to spoil 'er.

The person who gave birth to the newcomer, a German engineer, is doing well, resting in a cafeteria in Regensberg, Germany. There does appear to be some measure of separation anxiety with the new member of the family and, accordingly, she won't be made available until the first week of April.

Keeping with tradition, the newborn's name was placed on a nameplate, so that she may be known.
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