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Originally Posted by RBP AW View Post
Not that any of you are haters but . . .
Don't listen to the haters, make good choices, appreciate the mechanical piece of art that you own. Most importantly remember that you are responsible for yourself, your actions and an "investment" that costs more than what many people on this earth will make in a lifetime.

every experience amounts to what you make of it, and this is no exception. Congrats!
Oh boy...allow me to tear you apart.

Haters? Yea, "make good choices" Great advice! OP is 16 and I'm sure he knows right from wrong because he has had what, 1 or 2 months of driving experience?

Responsible for himself? WTF does that mean? Does he even know the definition of responsibility? He is still experiencing puberty.

And finally, a car is the WORST investment anyone can make. Nothing depreciates faster!

OK, I'm done
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