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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post

I literally just found out that I am going to be moving from Germany to Bethesda, MD in three weeks or less. The first thing that I thought of was my car...I am able to ship it back to a number of ports in the States, but MD's DMV website is unclear about when a vehicle will be subject to sales tax at the time of registration. In CA, if you have owned your vehicle for more than 6 months overseas, you are exempt. I can't find anything like that for MD. I am hoping that somebody can help out. Any military out there that have been in this situation before? I am contemplating sending the car back to CA instead in order to avoid this, especially because I may not be in MD for long.



If you've never registered the car in the states and don't have any registration on the vehicle that's current-you will have to register in maryland-pay tax(6%) and complete a certificate of title. They'll give you plates and 30 day registration before you get the car inspected.

If you're in the military-these are the perks that are listed:
The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is keen on the fact that those on active military duty have it a bit rough when it comes to certain things. Especially those far from home and preoccupied with things like training and/or combat. Sometimes it is literally impossible to take care of certain MVA-related matters like renewing a driver license. Thus service members do get a few perks.

Driver License Renewal
If your license expires, just keep a copy of your active duty records or military ID on your person with the defunct license. Dependents stationed with the person serving on active duty are also covered under this provision.

However, if dependents remain behind, then they are required to renew their driver licenses in regular fashion. Upon your return to the state or your release from the military, you then have 30 days to restore the license.

Vehicle Inspection Emissions Program (VEIP) Extension
Motorists residing in Maryland must have an emissions assessment conducted on their vehicle every two years. But, those serving on active military duty can forgo making a trip to an inspection station by either completing a request online or by calling VEIP at (800) 638-8347.

Vehicle Registration
If you are a resident of another state but are stationed in Maryland, you have the option of maintaining your home state vehicle registration. That is, if you have your car in state and only if the out-of-state registration is current.

Maryland residents stationed elsewhere will not find anything specific on the books about a registration exemption. Basically, if you are on a base in the United States and you are allowed to keep your Maryland registration, you simply need to renew like everyone else. Just make sure the MVA has your out-of-state address so you'll be sure to receive your renewal notice.

It would be better to call: (301) 729-4550
(800) 248-4160 and explain your situation and maybe they have a program for you that is not covered on the DMV website.