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Music Shuffle using flash drive?

So I have a USB flash drive I'm using with the 08 iDrive system to play music.

The way I have the flash drive laid out is

Artist folders
- Album folder
- mp3 files

So far I'm a little dissappointed that it only loops music inside of the album folder then after I hear those 10-12 songs I have to back out and choose another album or artist then hone in on an album for it only loop a handful of songs.

I've only had the car a few days so I was wondering if there was a shuffle feature where it would just randomly choose a song from any artist/album. The guy at the dealer who gave me the orientation of how to use the car's features said NO there wasn't a shuffle option for using a flash drive.

Or would it help to just have all the files on the drive and no folders. I just want it to be able to randomly play any song out of ALL my songs.