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Ok, here's my picks this week in our office: (For amusement purposes only of course )

BC (-7) vs. BYU
Pick: BC
Reason: Coming off a huge win over Clemson plus it's a home game. Momentum will continue. I'm looking for a nice double digit victory here.

Wisconsin (-15) vs. San Diego St.
Pick: Wisc.
Reason: Wisky's power running game will wear down the Azteks. They usually run the score up against weaker opponents at home.

Boise State (-9) at Wyoming
Pick: Boise
Reason: BSU offense still seems to be high powered. I'm mainly picking them because Wyoming is awful.

Florida (-11) at Tennessee
Pick: Florida
Reason: IMO, Tenn. is overrated. They just lost 2 defensive starters for the year and oh yeah that performance against Air Force.