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congrats on the car man, but just make wise desicions and be careful.

im 18 and i remember when my parents gave me my first car 2 years ago. i did a lot of dumb sh*t and payed the price for almost everything.

remember that you are NOT as good of a driver as you think you are. just because you are subscribed to du Pont registry and you beat Grand Turismo does not mean you qualify to drift on public roads, drag race random people, or do top speed runs on the express way.

also dont forget, just because your parents may have some money does not mean the law does not apply to you, your ass will go to jail. maybe not as long as others, but you will be there.

i dont know if anyone here remembers but not too long ago on the M5 and M6 boards a kid my age received an M5 from his parents and posted a thread about his SMG setting or w.e.

The same thing that is happening to you happened to him, a bunch of older adults criticized him for getting the car. saying he was not responsible, his parents were dumbasses, and etc. He assured them all that he was responsible and would not be doing anything dumb. about 3 days later (no joke), an M5 in the same town that he was located had broken into an empty air port and hit about 200mph, unfortunately the driver ran out of runway and went straight into the woods. It turned out that the driver was in fact that 18 year old who started that thread and 3 of his friends, none of them were older than 20. The accident scene was horrible. if i remember correctly, the only thing that was not in pieces was 1 rim, everything else was scattered in the woods.

hopefully someone can find that thread and post it up here.

the only reason why i think you should see it and be aware of it is because that was the only thing that got me to act more responsible and keep me in check with reality, hopefully it will do the same to you.