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Originally Posted by hvd.kevin View Post

Drive slow and get some ass. If you drive by too fast, the girls won't see you.
haha thats nice i have never heard that !!!

well first of all i gotta say i am jealous, because i am 16 and i still don't drive yet, honestly its really nice of your parents to get you such a nice car but an M3 for me seems to much, if i get my brothers 328i (which seems really fast for me when i drive it) would just be amazing, at this age honestly i don't want to drive an M3, WHY ? because if i go to school with it i am sure jealous kids will just key the shit out of that car, 2nd of all you might say you WILL NOT speed but every time i get behind a wheel the feelings change, its true i obey the laws but i still got that feeling inside of me that says "push it, find out what its capable of" but for a good reason i never do it, i learned my lesson when me and my friends were driving recklessly and my friend crashed his car into a curb, after that all i think about is getting from A to B safely, and if you speed trust me the difference isn't going to be that much in terms of time and my brother proved it to me on an open freeway when we covered 10 mls in 3 minutes going at 125mph and going 65 and getting there in 5 minutes and all that reckless driving and going the twice the speed limit for what 2 minutes ?? anyways, drive safely, don't drive your friends ( i know you can't by law for a yea so still don't do it), don't race people because 99% of the time they will have more experience then you behind a wheel and if they don't then it might end up bad for both of you and remember just because your in one of the safest cars in the world doesn't mean the other people are.

drive safely and have fun !!!! your going to be a pimp @ your high school now