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Saw E60 M5 and E63 M6 Friday night...

i parked my car at The Commons of Calabasas, and before I even parked I noticed a silver E63 M6 w/ E60 M5 rims, I was pissing on myself from that point on, took a few crappy shots w/ my camera phone, and eventually in frustration I walked away on into Barnes and Noble to check out some car mags. On my way out I noticed what I didn't see before that was right in front of me as I walked in, there was a brand new M5 backing out of a parking space, two guys were standing next to M5. One was short and "plump"- trying to be nice here and not so politcally correct - the other, ha, looked like a kid w/ not a clue of how to dress - no metro here, but you know what you see when you see it - So I said to the guy unknowingly "you know there's an M6 parked over on the other side?" - thinking he was a fellow enthusiast - his reply, "What about it? So???" - In my mind all kinds of profane words were steaming out of my head, I was having a crap night already due to some previous events. I turned to him and said "You dont' have much of a personality, now do you????". He turned and walked away, but it's not over yet. So being the big car nut that I am, I went back to my car and noticed the M6 backing out at the same time I was, so I end up right behind him, then get this!!! The NOOB, for the lack of a far better word, who happend to be the "kid" standing by the M5 as it was backing out - turns right and parks in a parking space so that I can't follow him - it would be one thing if the car wasnt' out yet, and techincally it isn't in the states, but so what? what's there to hide? honestly? - So I keep on my way but knowing the minds set of this complete d***h, I go down a little further on Calabasas Rd. and change lanes when i got down to Mureau Rd. to let him go ahead of me, hell, I just wanted to hear the exhuast!?!?!? I strongly recommend that BMW get some test drivers, preferably car nuts, and ones w/ some element of a personality.