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Originally Posted by torredresen View Post
Does statistics show you in which cars young people are killed? Im sure if it is in an M5 it will be all over the news and saying 'fast cars and young people blablabla'. But here in Belgium, most young people die in crashes with a tuned Corola,Golf,Seat Ibiza...
If the parents didnt trust/know their son, they would definitly not give him the car. It was like that with my parents...

And maybe you weren't all that smart and responsible on the road?
It doesn't matter what kind of car they were in, crashed is crashed.

Again, the numbers don't lie. It's not just about responsibility, it's about awareness, control, and comprehension of what's happening around you on the road. These are things that have nothing to do with responsibility, they're about experience, which is something nobody in that age group has. Adding a 400hp car that can easily bite you into the mix isn't doing anyone any favors. Anyway, enjoy the car.