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Originally Posted by Robin Hood View Post
Footie, a C63 is an excellent car, but I don't want an automatic transmission.
Otherwise I 'd have bought a C63.

The RS4 is not a better DD than a M3, because it's heavier, slower, less agile, and has a less responsive chassis. My 335i stock was almost as fast, only beyond 240kmh the RS4 was faster. The roadholding is ok, but a bit boring for such a car. Any more questions?
That is a surprise that you would buy the C63 if it didn't have an automatic gearbox. I too looked at the C63 but in the end the gearbox and that mighty torque made my decision for me, I found it's ESP light to constantly flicker even in the dry/cold day and just knew that the slightest whiff of rain or frost would demand more respect than my wife would be able to give. Great car but only really for the accomplished driver.

I wouldn't agree that the RS4 is not a better DD than the M3, in the dry the M3 is easily the more rewarding to drive while in the wet the reverse is true with the RS4 offering more performance and ability to be still driven briskly. I can that a draw or at the very least a decision that depends on which you value more. There is area where the M3 excels and other where both the RS4 and C63 are better but each perform and excel at different disciplines, the M3 in it's entertainment, quality of chassis and excitement of pushing to the redline, the C63 with it's effortless speed, space and it's advantage/disadvantage of having a proper automatic, the RS4 has it's all weather ability, added traction and exclusivity.

But lets get back on topic and discuss this disappoint of the E9? M3. I don't know about you but I have spoke to many M3 owners and none have been disappointed with their purchase, myself included. I doubt there is too many if any would feel different than that on this or any forum which leds me to believe it's non E9? M3 drivers who are the ones complaining, probably 335 owners no doubt.