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Thanks so much for organizing these. I have a few free autoshow tickets as well from my dealership but I will hand it over to my friends as they will be there as well.

Added Charles on the list.
1. Anderson
5. Manny (Manny212)
6. Makots (Charles from Boston)

On another note, I just want to reconfirm who will be able to make it for the brunch at waterworks at 11am. It is a decent place for brunch so things might be a slightly pricier, could probably get away with 30 - 40 bucks.

As of now, there are the people.

1. Noxredna (AW M3)
2. Makots (AW M3)
3. Tszene (AW M3)
4. Newyork caravan???
5. P-Tang (one of my friends, Black 335)

Please continue on the list so I can make the necessary arrangements with the restaurant to make sure there are enough lots and space. Thanks guys!
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