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having been lucky enough to drive an e92 M3 and an C63 (with performance pack) back to back last summer.

The C63 felt a more advanced package, like a touring car with a huge amount of torque.....

I love M3's and am currently E46 M3 owner.......

Saying that...

On a track the M3 (in fact previously someone mentioned an evo/sti/skyline would be a quicker track toy.....well not faster than a E92 M3...they are quick) would be quicker aroudn would whip the C63, but driving a C63 in anger around Italy going through concrete underpasses and kicking down producing the fab V8 was like nothing else....

The new E92 M3 hadnt felt as fast driving it day to day, and with the torq rolled off to make the engine rev higher for more felt like a civic type R in its character....does that make sense??? High reving also hadnt felt a leap in development over the E46. Take the new GTR, thats where BMW should be near....leading the pack...

downside to the c63, yes the gearbox

RS4 looks like a 1.9 tdi dressed up

how did i get to italy from the UK?? - well in an M5 2001, so Im kind of biased to torq on that journey.......