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mph guardian

I researched radar detectors on various forums dedicated to the products and the consensus seems to be the Escort 9500ci. I called the local BMW dealership to ask about having one installed and was told they no longer do business with Escort (Passport). I asked if I could buy the 9500ci and bring it in for installation. The dealerís rep. told me they would not be able to do that and suggested I buy a Calibre K40 which is the only radar detector they are authorized to install.

Iíve owned a number of Escorts over the years and have never heard of Calibre. Iím disappointed the dealership will not install the 9500ci because I donít want ďnon-approvedĒ products on my vehicle (2008 M3).

Iíd like to know if anyone has been able to get the 9500ci installed by a BMW dealer. If so, where and if not, what are they selling?