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Originally Posted by ColoCane View Post
DCStep - Nice ride! Look forward to seeing it live. Great color combo.

M3Ron - just curious, how was Murray on your order? I've had great experience with them for service, but last 2 car purchases, they weren't interested in dealing at all.
Surprisingly, I found the other dealers in Colorado to be somewhat difficult to deal with. I really (probably naively) expected to be welcomed with open arms walking in to buy a car since the statistics show car sales are plummeting. I did not have unrealistic expectations on pricing.

Two of them gave quotes that were non-negotiable ($2k off of MSRP - way high compared to what others are purchasing the car for nationally) and seemed to be living in the past as if they (still) had a hot commodity. Seemed rather odd to me since I didn't see many people in their shops looking to purchase cars and the '08's were not moving at all. Each time I went back, the same '08's were still there despite some massive discounting.

Truth is, they were really looking to move their '08's and really had no interest in custom ordering an '09 despite the fact they would make a profit (albeit, less than the $5k they were making in their heyday). I have nothing bad to say about them, just somewhat disappointed and surprised by their lack of interest in the sale.

That said, it was quickly apparent that Murray was easily the best to work with, was the most realistic regarding current economic conditions and was very eager for the sale. It was an easy decision for me and I would highly recommend them. My salesman is Richard Schutt, their internet/fleet sales manager, and he is fantastic. Also got to talk the deal over with the owner. Both were very personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Murray.

Happy shopping!

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