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Hyundai is trying very hard to enter premium segment.
Although it only has chances to do that in markets like US & eg. South Korea who are more open to alternative & cheaper premium brands. Traditional markets like Europe, China, Japan etc are not interested so much in "new premium" - that's why eg. Lexus isn't doing very well in these markets.

Hyundai is trying to do what Lexus did in 80s & 90s - offering a premium product for less money. More luxury for less money. And actually it may actually work in these recession times.

Although the problem is they are aiming too high. Taking directly on Lexus & BMW? C'mon. Yet IMO they had good chances to outdone brands like Audi, Infiniti, Cadillac, Acura first.

Btw, after Genesis they are about to offer the flagship - Equus.