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Originally Posted by jhsu View Post
Never heard anything bad about the PS2's. I've got a set of SportContact 3's on my S4 and am very happy with them. They are much better than the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx's that came with the car. To be honest, if you are not going to drive aggressively on them, you probably wouldn't notice a difference between the PS2's and Conti's. I would save yourself a few bucks and go with the SportContact 3's. They are still very good tires.
I am leaning towards the SC3s. A little cheaper and a little longer lasting for 90-95% of the PS2's performance. I definitely consider myself a novice performance driver. My "performance" car experience is comprised of driving/owning a Lexus GS430 for two years and then afterwards my current 335xi for the last year.

I never tracked before so for the first set of tires I almost certainly won't be able to take advantage of that slightly better margin of grip the PS2 offers. I definitely plan on taking advantage of the M3's capability by enrolling in a perfomance driving school and then doing some track days though.

For these 19" tires though, I want a more liveable ride/low noise since this will be my DD and I plan on taking some long road trips. The more I think about it, the more a seperate set of 18" track tires make sense to me.

Do you think the SportContact 3s on 19s will be trackable tires or should I specialize and stick with the oem 18s as my dedicated track tires? What about the SportContact 2s? I can save about $370 getting those (abet with the rears being 10mm wider and slightly taller) but if they are significantly noiser/more prone to hydroplanning vs the SC3s the savings is not worth the penalty.