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Hi guys,

i just signed the papers for my M3 coupe which will be delivered in a couple weeks. I will be moving to phoenix, AZ later this month and just transferred my 335xi coupe's lease to another person since I won't need the AWD anymore in AZ. (on my 335xi I took off the oem runflat PS2s and ran 18" General UHPs and wintersport D3s)

My new M3 has the 18" wheels which I am not a huge fan of. After some scoping around I am pretty sure I am going to buy a set of 19" VMR 710s in gunmetal.

However, my struggle now is deciding what tires to put on there. I don't drive too aggressively on the street... phoenix lacks that many sporting public roads plus traffic is normally pretty packed. I plan on taking my M3 to the track a couple times a year and might either use my stock 18s with PS2 for track days or just burn through my 19" street tires.

On my previous car I was fine with a less sporting tire that had better treadwear/low cost/low noise since the all wheel drive and mushy xi suspension isn't really set up to take advantage of max performance tires. However, with the M3 this will be a different story. 375hp AWD on xi suspension =/ 414hp RWD on M3 suspension.

My choices are:

PS2s in oem 19" size
$1,550 - I heard great things about them and am sure if I get them I'll be happy with their performance. However, the high price and their reputation for wearing out in 10-15k miles does scare my wallet.

Continental Sport contact 3s in oem 19" size
$1,150 - they seem to get good reviews on tirerack but I am not too familiar with them.

Continental Sport contact 2s in 245/35R19 and 275/35R19
$780 - buying some 300mi used take offs here on the forums. Very good price and they sell for the same price as the sport contact 3s on tirerack. however, the reviews for the sport contact 2s seem to be not as good.

Or I can cheap out and get some $600-650 sets of 245/35R19 and 275/30R19 Kumho or General tires. Then I'll keep my stock 18s with PS2s and use them for any high performance driving events I attend.

What do you guys think?