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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by Chewyjr15 View Post
my vote is for the 135 here is my setup thus far
135 jetblack, coral red leather, 6 mt, premium hifi, sports pack, ipod usb, bmw assist, idrive. I payed 43 grand out the door. Now i have spent just about 5 grand for all my mods which are sitting in the garage, and i know terry burger and will be visiting him for a tune when im all done. I should be making around 400 wheel horsepower so with my kw suspension will be able to easily track the car. So if you bought a 135 bare bones you could get it for under 40 grand out the door plus 5-6 grand in mods and you've got an m3 killer.

let the flaming begin!
you'll need to do more than that. you'll need some fat wheels, an LSD, an intake, exhaust, and an ECU tune. coilovers reduce body roll, but i've read on the Auto-X sub-forums that they can screw up the handling.

if you're gonna make an M3 killer, you're probably gonna have a high risk of losing your warranty. i stated in an "M3 vs..." thread that if i was given 10-12k to spend on mods i could purchase the parts to make an M3 killer. i then stated that, despite the (supposed) greater performance, i'd still rather take the M.
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