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Originally Posted by wuyichao View Post
i would have to agree with you.

younger women def prefer E92 M3 than C63.

i drive an odyssey to parties in the weekend due to stealth look. i dont like being pull over after parties when i have to drive from city to LI.
Good call there. In Bergen County especially some of the smaller towns like, Hillsdale, Westwood, and Washington Township if you run into a cop on a Friday or Saturday night past 12AM your most likely will be tailed and pulled over regardless if you were drinking. Especially if your driving a nice car at the time I wouldn't even test your luck with having even one drink. If you get pulled over and even admit to having one drink, expect to take a field sobriety test. I even remember one time coming out of the movies in Edgewater on River Rd in my E46 M3 with my girlfriend a cop came right out from the side and tailed me. God forbid if I would have tried to avoid any of the potholes or manhole covers on that road he would have lit me up. I would have to waste my time explaining to him where I was coming from, where I am going, was I drinking etc. Completely annoying.