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Originally Posted by AMJ_77 View Post
Kind of a useless thread. What are buying the M3 for? If you are buying it to be a race car then you are retarded. This car brings balance between performance and luxury. Are you going to drive that GT-R as your daily driver? I highly doubt it unless you like getting your ass kicked all over the road. The GT-R is a track monster and is designed for that sole purpose, the M3 is not. As well, enough with this 335 garbage, I had one, guess what I did with it? People who say this obviously have not driven both the 335 and the M3. It doesn't compare with the M3 unless you think similar 0-60 times (vs. a chipped 335 of course) are everything (enjoy your blown turbos and limp modes btw). The M3 defeats the 335 everywhere else. To each their own but at the end of the day I want a car where I can relax and enjoy it for its luxury or press a button and bring a smile to my face with its performance.
More or less agreed, but I don't think the GT-R is a real track monster because it's actually too heavy...I used to have a 335i as well and as a DD the low end torque is very very handy/nice in traffic but it has no soul like the M3. imho.
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