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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
He may have been with BMW when the E46 was released but I believe others were responsible for the E46 design. By the time he arrived, the E46 had already been finished and Bangle was starting on future models.

They said that the new BMW designs will "grow on you". I get worried when I have growths on me. Anyway, I still like the older models much better than the new with one exception -- the Z4 coupe is gorgeous.

Now that he's leaving, I have a few questions. Who are we going to pick on? Will we need to replace the term "Bangled" with "Hooydonked"? And how is that pronounced? Hoy-donk? Hoo-donk? Hoo-ee-donk? Hoe-donk? (Forgive me for Bangling his name. I'm still in shock from the news.)

In much the same way that others are responsible for the designs of the current cars. I have an article - a very old article - in which Bangles speaks of his involvement in the development of the E46 platform. It's in an old BMW magazine. I'll have to pull out all of my publications to find the article and quote specifics verbatim.

......To have been "Bangled" has always been an incorrect term. "Hooydonked" would have been factually correct.