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Exterior designers of recent BMW models ... THE MOST COMPLETE LIST UP TO DATE!!!!:

* Henrik Fisker: Z07 Concept, E52 Z8
* Klaus Kapitza: E31 8 series
* Boyke Boyer: E38 7 series
* Joji Nagashima: E90/E91 3 series, E36 3 series, E36/7 Z3, E39 5 series
* Adrian van Hooydonk: E63/E64 6 series, E65/E66 7 series, Z9 GT Concept, Z9 Convertible Concept, MINI ACV30 Concept
* Geoff Velasco: E83 X3
* Anders Warming: E85 Z4 roadster, GINA Light Concept, Mille Miglia 2006 Coupe Concept
* Chris Chapman: E87/E81 1 series hatchback, E53 X5, X-coupe Concept, CS1 Concept
* Erik Goplen: E46 3 series
* Davide Arcangeli: E60/E61 5 series
* Tomasz Sycha: E86 Z4 Coupe
* Marc Michael Markefka: E92/E93 3-series coupe & cabrio, E82/E88 1-series coupe & cabrio
* Pierre Leclercq: E70 X5, X71/E72 X6
* Karim Antoine Habib: CS Concept, F01/F02 7-series
* Benoit Jacob: M1 Hommage Concept
* Juliane Blasi: E89 Z4 roadster
* Jacek Froehlich: F10 / F11 5-series
* Richard Kim: E89 X1

* Marek Djordjevic: RR Phantom family (Phantom, Drophead Copue, Coupe), 100EX, 101EX

* Frank Stephenson: R50-R53 MINI Mk1
* Marcus Syring: R55-R58 MINI Mk2

Mind that interiors, M-kits, M-specific exterior, rims / wheels, interior details like steering wheel, iDrive knob etc are designed by other people!!!

And as you can see NONE of the BMW model's exterior hasn't been penned by Chris Bangle!!! EVER! He was just a chief / a manager. Not an actuall designer. And all the production designs has been selected & chosen by the BMW AG Board of Directors, and not by Bangle himself.