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Originally Posted by methodtim View Post
Yeah, but did BMW experience this growth because of his design or in spite of his design? Discuss.
That's a tough one, I wish I could go back in time and be a fly on the wall in the design wings of BMW. I do believe that some really good looking cars were made during his time. I also assume that he had very little to do with the actual 'designing' but much more to do with the overall vision.

I know someone (thru a mutual friend) who worked as a designer for Rolls Royce on the Phantom project. I personally think the Phantom is the nicest RR in years. Did Bangle allow that design to see the light of day? Probably. The Z8 is another beauty IMHO, it's timeless. It took some time for me to really appreciate the 6 series but I think it is also a good looking car. I'm still not a fan of the 5 or 7 series, I still believe that the previous generations (e39 & e38) were much better looking cars. With that said I do believe the new 7 is heading in the right direction.

The growth that BMW saw, had just as much to do with his design vision as it did with great engineering and relentless marketing. I'm actually kind of sad to see him go.
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