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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
to give the guy some credit
he certainly makes distinctive designs
but as for pretty designs i would disagree
when was the last time you heard people using your name to imply the shape of a car is bad?
to 'bangle' a design
when was the last time there was controversy over an Alfa Romeo design not looking good?
and the majority of his peers think he went too far with his flame surfacing
and i would even venture that BMW managment thought so too
which is why the 3 is the least bangled design since its their biggest money maker

at least according to this article his designs will only last till 2010
so the end is near

bottom line is if you are judging purely by design
what would you choose, based on looks?
an Alfa-Romeo 159, an Audi A5, or a E90?
...Umm...the E92/90. The AR is ugly, the A5 looks good, but the E9X looks great.