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Cars and Coffee: All cars made after 1978 BANNED

Just read on the C&C Irvine forum that from now on all cars made after 1978 are banned from the event.

No more Carrera GTs, Enzos, Veyrons, F40s, F50s, Murcis, Gallardos, Ford GTs, Z8s, M3s, M5s, GT3s, GT2s, 993, 996, etc etc.

No more late model Mustangs even though the event is graciously hosted on FORD property.

They also went on to call people who take photos and videos of cars coming and going from the event "idiots".

It's nice to know what the organizers really think of us after years of support and free publicity for their event. Needless to say, I won't be going back unless they back off these stupid new rules.