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Originally Posted by gPiplay View Post
People park like that to line up the car to the parking line; its quite difficult to line up a car without a point of reference, so parking next to someone makes it a lot easier, and you dont have to adjust the car 5 times to get it in an appropriate position.

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If they need other cars to help them line up theirs then they need to go take parking lessons. The lot is empty. They can park any where and how they want. Parking next to someone when there are plenty of other spaces is just being an ass, especially when the 1st person has parked the furthest distance away from mall, etc...

Who gives a shit how your truck looks? You may take care of your truck and are careful when you open your door, but accidents do happen. You're increasing the chance of causing a door dent to someone's car when you park directly next to them when there are other empty spaces. And you would be more of an ass when you do something that you know people don't like it.