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Originally Posted by pawarrant
Thank God we have a little thing called freedom of speech here in the US. It seems that those types of laws are never enforced if you insult Christians or Jews.
I can assure you the law would apply equally in respect of all religions.

We also have (and will fight to protect) freedom of speech. But freedom of speech has never been freedom to encourage hatred.

Originally Posted by pawarrant
I think the Brits are loosing the war on terror for the simple reason their previous liberal immigration policies allowed England to be infiltrated with terrorists. I think you have a bigger problem with terrorists living amongst you than we do here. Frankly our citizens here would not tolerate a bunch of Muslims cheering over 9-11 attacks in our streets. Yea it might be legal to do here, but it doesn't mean your not going to get your ass beat for doing so.

I would like to add that there has been much improvement since your subway attacks, and your laws allow the police in your country to do their job better without all of the restrictions we have here. England is sure on the right track now!
No public celebration of terrorism would be tolerated by anyone in the UK. It would quite likely also be illegal (glorification of terrorism) under our new anti-terror laws.

Having said that - anyone doing this would be likely to get some serious vigilante action against them - the police would be the least of their worries.