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Originally Posted by pawarrant
Yes we are. What politician is ever going to do anything about it? maybe you can respond about this in another thread since this is about the Path to 9-11 which I am going to watch the end of right now. I will comment on the series when I'm finished. I DVRed it because I've been watching the games.
So I watched the end yesterday, and here are my impressions:

1) Incredibly well-made (from a cinematic standpoint). I thought I would have gotten at least a little bored during the over four total hours of the mini-series, but I wasn't.

2) It made me angry at those who did this to the US, as if I were watching it all over again.

3) The politics of the movie were not as evident to me as I thought they would be. I had been gearing up to watch this movie from the standpoint of a person who would need to watch it for any and all attempts at historical inaccuracies, mainly with respect to the Democrats portrayed. In reality, it showed, to me at least, that the biggest issue is that the government is its own worst enemy. Large bureaucracies are unable to function together, and regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is in power, if this is how the various agencies really function together, then I can see how what happened, happened.

I also realize now that I should stick to debating social/economic policy and politics -- foreign policy debates are beyond me

BTW, who exactly was that Yemeni ambassador? Of all the people in the movie I got mad at (terrorists excluded), she was probably the one who angered me the most!
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